About Gathering for Groups

Gathering for Groups, NFP, Inc is a non-profit offering low-cost group counseling to adult women struggling with depression, anxiety, and other behavioral health issues.

All groups are led by licensed counselors to ensure quality care and optimal outcomes. Each group is psycho-educational. This means that members will learn the latest information, develop new coping skills and find new community resources, in addition to processing their feelings of what it’s like living with depression, anxiety, and other issues.

Gathering for Groups’ goal for 2022 is to serve 500 women in the Western Suburbs. Join us in our efforts to see that all women have the much needed access to group counseling.

The Need for Gathering for Groups

Many in-patient programs and private practices offer group counseling as part of a person’s healing journey. Once people leave a facility, finding group counseling that fits their schedule or budget can be hard to find. Most private practices offerings group counseling charge expensive fees, and only hold groups every so often. Gathering for Groups offers on-going groups and low-cost fees, so women can get the help they need to manage their behavioral health issues.

Did you know:

  • Anxiety is the most common behavioral health issue in the US-affecting more than 40 million adults.
  • It’s not uncommon for someone who has depression to also have anxiety and vice-versa.
  • Depression is more than sadness. It interferes with daily life and causes pain for you and everyone who cares about you.
  • People with depression and anxiety face an increased risk for suicidal thoughts and attempts.(sourced from Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Our Staff

Program Director: Susan Savage, LCPC, Phd, MS, NCC

I have been counseling in a variety of settings for the past 20 years. I’ve worked for agencies, private practices, and owned my own private practice. As part of my private practice, I began offering groups for depression, anxiety, honoring your inner voice, and creating a new dream after a life change. Watching the impact being in a group had on clients inspired me to want to offer more groups. With limited time and space, I began imagining a place where women could gather for groups at a designated location with many options throughout the week to participate. I hope everyone enjoys participating in the groups as much as I have enjoyed creating Gathering for Groups.

Financial Director: Zach Savage

Marketing Director: Christy Flaherty