Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the groups cost?

Groups are low-cost to everyone. There is an initial $10 charge for the booklet used in group. Each group costs $15, making a total of $90 for the 6-week group.

How long does each group session last?

Each group will be run for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Try and get there 10 minutes before your group actually starts so you can grab some coffee or get settled before group begins.

What can I expect the first night of group?

As you come in everyone will fill out a name tag. Your group leader will be wearing one as well. Everyone will be seated and your group leader will begin the group intake. Try and download and fillout your paperwork ahead of time, otherwise paperwork will be available.

Who are the group leaders?

Each group leader is a licensed counseling professional. Eventually we would like to create some opportunities for counseling interns as well.

How were the topics for groups selected?

Dealing with Depression is reflective of the fact 1 in 10 women suffer from depression.

All About Anxiety was selected as 3% of the population suffers from anxiety and women are twice as likely to experience it.

Honoring Your Inner Voice reflects the important need for women to have empowered voices.

Dream, Dare, Do It is for anyone who needs to create a new dream for her life whether that change is spurred on by midlife challenges, divorce, empty nest, and so on.

As time goes on and funding increases, more groups like self-care for women, PTSD, and others will be offered. The long-term goal is to also offer additional services like yoga and meditation and other wellness modalities that enhance the lives of women.

Is group counseling as effective as individual counseling?

Yes, group counseling has been shown to be as effective as individual counseling as well as offering members some other unique benefits as well.

What does psycho-educational mean?

Psycho-educational groups combine learning about the topic being discussed as well as spending time processing group member’s feelings regarding their own experiences with whatever is being talked about. It is the best of both worlds in terms of learning more about what you are dealing with as well as dealing with it.

Who do we serve?

Initially Gathering for Groups will focus on women ages 18 and older. Eventually we would like to add groups for teenage girls as well. Ultimately we would like to have adult male and teenage groups going as well.

How are your donations spent?

Your donations will make it possible for us to serve over 500 women in 2022. Help us, to help them, manage their depression, anxiety, gain a more empowered voice, and manage other common behavioral health issues. Please go to the member stories’ page and read about how being a part of a group has changed their life.

Funds also go to pay for experienced groups leaders, meeting facilities, and supporting a staff.