Support Gathering For Groups

Non-profits evolve out of seeing a need and having a passion to work hard to meet that need. Gathering for Groups sees a need for a safe place women can come and learn about their behavioral health issues. Sharing our need with others who agree and are willing to support our work, means everything. With funds available we can pay leaders to lead groups, afford booklets for members to use, create a warm space to have groups meet, create a coffee stop, pay staff to keep the website going, afford a few marketing materials, and keep the doors open to all who needs us.

Please help Gathering for Groups to continue to help others. With your contribution we can afford to:

  • Pay professional counselors to lead the groups
  • Provide the group booklets
  • Have a warm space to meet
  • Offer a cup of coffee
  • Create a few marketing pieces
  • Keep our door open to all who need us

We’re very grateful for whatever way you can help us.

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